Devastating New Campaign Ad Portrays Trump As A Deer Caught In Headlights

Donald Trump’s massive incompetence and failure to act decisively when the novel coronavirus arrived in the United States has led to the creation of an incredibly effective ad from the Biden campaign.

Using research that claims at least 36,000 Americans would still be alive if Trump had merely implemented social distancing measures nationwide one week earlier than he did, Trump is shown as dithering and ineffective. As the voice-over in the ad notes:

“Too scared to act, too panicked to tell the truth, too weak to lead. A president who can’t handle the crisis is no president at all.”

When all is said and done, that may well wind up being the most effective ad of the 2020 presidential race. And it drew immediate reaction on Twitter:

So far, Trump hasn’t responded to the Biden ad. That alone tells you just how effective it was: It left the always loudmouthed president at a complete loss for words.

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