Devin Nunes, Sean Hannity Under Investigation For Their Part In The Russia Conspiracy

Ever since Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel for the Russia investigation, two people have been only too eager and happy to defend Donald Trump and attack the probe: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Fox host Sean Hannity.

But now, in what may well wind up being one of the most beautiful examples of karmic retribution in modern history, we learn that Nunes and Hannity are themselves subjects in the Russia investigation.

Scott Dworkin, a longtime political strategist and MSNBC contributor, announced recently on his podcast that Nunes and Hannity — along with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) — are also facing scrutiny from the special counsel’s office. Dworkin cites a GOP source as telling him of the development.

On his podcast, Dworkin noted:

“It all makes sense, especially with Hannity. Hannity was a client of [Michael] Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, and always was involved in this whole Seth Rich controversy where he tried to paint him out as a traitor, made it look like Hillary murdered him after giving Russia her emails.”

Sean Hannity, it should be mentioned, is probably about to shit bricks, despite his smug on-air demeanor. As Dworkin added:

“Hannity admits to advising Trump, but on the air, he’s repeatedly mocked suggestions that he functions as an unofficial chief of staff and criticized the ‘fake-news media’ for not bothering to reach out to him for the truth (a spokesperson for Fox News declined multiple interview requests for this article on Hannity’s behalf.) More than any other figure of the right-wing infosphere, Hannity has behaved as if he were an extension of the Trump communications department, his daily stream of assertions serving to prop up Trump and, in real time, define what Trumpism is supposed to be.”

And this isn’t the first time Hannity’s name has come up in conjunction with the Mueller probe. Shortly after the election, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort (who had his bail revoked recently for tampering with witnesses and may never see the outside of a jail cell again) appeared on Hannity’s show, where the host happily bragged:

“You and I stayed in touch, when you were in the campaign, when you left the campaign, you never lost confidence.”

Manafort was under surveillance at the time, so any phone calls, text messages, or emails he and Hannity exchanged were likely recorded by the FBI. And that could be very bad news for Hannity, because Manafort is charged with some serious crimes, including conspiracy against the United States.

The vise is tightening on all of the rats who took part in the conspiracy to steal the 2016 election, and Nunes, Hannity, and Rohrabacher should be very nervous, because Robert Mueller is not playing games. He has every intention of bringing them to justice, along with all the other traitors.


3 thoughts on “Devin Nunes, Sean Hannity Under Investigation For Their Part In The Russia Conspiracy

  1. I never thought I would feel the way I do about the war going on between good and evil in our country. I served 20 some years as a civil servant to this country and know there is more good than evil here. We must show up at the polls and vote for the good of this country. Good must and will win.

    Trump and all his Republican minions are trying to destroy our government with only a minority number of followers. They use liberal versus conservative, red verses blue, Democrat versus Republican, partisan politics are being used to divide and conquer us with the help of an enemy foreign government. Trump and his minions fabricate fake news continually attempting to convince us all that they are the norm for what is good for the country and in the best interests of all in full view of their treason aided by a foreign government. They lie, and they are not the majority.

    Minions at high levels of recognition like Hannity, Nunes, and others need to be made to feel the pain of their errors soon. We the majority need to confront these Trump minions like the woman that confronted Pruitt at a restaurant, and strike them with real fear for their personal existence, and conscience. If people started to find, confront, and publically meet every one of these evil minions in public, on the street, wherever possible, they would know that sooner or later someone will get to them somehow, and possibly somewhere. I do not advocate violence, but some may even want to use it.

    Notice how effectively the British confronted and humiliated Trump during his visit to England? We need to do the same here and make all of these evil bastards fear for their existence every day. Primarily, they need to feel the hate they have created and protests or loud voices against them, and to know that it could also be used against them via their own design, and by a vast greater number than those that support them.

    Their only choices for what they have done must be made to be, a.) Talk and admit their crimes and go to jail for their own personal protection, b.) Suffer justice by someone unknown to them in the public who they have harmed and sesks revenge. Making them live looking behind their backs for the rest of their lives in real fear. OR
    c.) Be quiet, and hope people forget them and their support for evil. NOT!

    Have you noticed that some around Trump are very quiet now, and don’t dare utter a peep anymore? Why do you think that is? It is fear, because Trump and his minions are bullies but deep down inside they are big cowards and only know fear. This is why I believe that fear is what we must use to defeat these evil bastards with, real fear for their lives.

    Did you notice that Pruitt, Bannon, and a few others did not survive the public scrutiny when confronted by the public, or public opinion? Fear of the public is what did them in, and they are not out of the woods as far as justice is concerned, and they should be concerned.

  2. Robert Mueller is just sitting back listening and watching these corroded people.. I hope they don’t think they’re getting away with anything because believe me anybody that was involved in that Russian collusion or election meddling they are going down the swamp.. Mr Mueller is patient and so are we.. Tick-tock, you never know when that boom is coming

  3. I am completely disgusted with this administration. I really thought more republicans would stand up and voice concern with their ridiculous leader.

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