Don Jr. May Be Planning To Plead The Fifth When Mueller Interviews Him (DETAILS)

Over the years, Donald Trump has made disparaging remarks about anyone who dares to invoke their Fifth Amendment privilege to not incriminate themselves, saying:

“The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

And yet, in what may well wind up being one of the greatest examples of karmic irony in modern history, it now looks as if his son, Donald Trump Jr., is planning to plead the Fifth when he sits down for his impending interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

While you let that sink in, keep in mind that Junior’s fingerprints are all over the efforts to make contact with Russians during the 2016 campaign. Here’s a couple of the highlights:

  • June, 2016: Don Jr., along with Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort (who just happens to be under multiple indictments at the moment) met Russian attorney/spy Natalia Veselnitskaya about “dirt” the Russians allegedly had on Hillary Clinton.
  • August 2016: Donald Trump Jr. met with an emissary of two Arab princes who said they were eager to “help his (Donald Trump Jr’s) father win election as president.”

Clearly, Junior has a lot to answer for, but when the questions begin, it now seems he may well say he cannot answer them on the grounds that to do so might incriminate him.

Monday on MSNBC, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman told Katy Tur that he thinks Donald Trump Jr. will indeed take the Fifth:

“I want to say one quick point. 

“I think all that’s right but I was going to say, Trump, Jr. may take the fifth. I think it’s possible he (Mueller) won’t get an interview with Trump, Jr.”

As deeply as Junior is implicated in the conspiracy involving Russia, if he were to speak and not invoke the Fifth Amendment, he would open himself up to the kind of legal consequences that would put him prison for 30 years or more.

So, using the president’s own words, it sounds like Don Jr. is guilty as homemade sin.

Here’s the discussion of Junior taking the Fifth from MSNBC:

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