Don Jr. Refuses To Cooperate With House Committee, And Buys Himself A One-Way Trip To Prison

Even though he met with members of the House Intelligence Committee for eight hours on Wednesday, it was what Donald Trump Jr. refused to discuss that will likely have the greatest long-term consequences for him.

When it came to questions about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016 with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and what he had told his father about it, Junior asserted attorney-client privilege even though neither he or his father are lawyers.

The top Democrat on the committee, Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) had this to say after Don Jr’s appearance:

“He acknowledged having discussed the June 9 meeting and the emails that went into establishing that meeting after those emails became public.

He acknowledged discussing that matter with his father, but refused to answer questions about that discussion along the basis of an attorney-client privilege. In my view, there is no attorney-client privilege that protects a discussion between father and son.”

Trump Jr’s reluctance to give any details of what he told his father after the Trump Tower meeting now give Special Counsel Robert Mueller a roadmap for how he should proceed with his investigation into the Trump family. And that includes a subpoena to Donnie Jr. to appear before a grand jury. As former DOJ spokesman Matthew Miller noted:

“Don Jr. couldn’t have given Mueller a clearer signal that the answer is incriminating. Hello, grand jury subpoena.”

Imagine Donald Trump Jr. refusing to answer questions while appearing before a grand jury. He tries to assert privilege and is told by the judge no such right exists because he isn’t an attorney. If he refuses after that, he’s in contempt of court and would immediately be placed in jail until he agrees to comply.

Now imagine Junior before a grand jury and he decides to be a typical Trump and start lying. That’s perjury, and he would be charged for it. What option does that leave him? Only one: Agreeing to tell everything he knows and turning against his daddy.

Wednesday was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump Jr. and his father.

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