Donald Trump’s Claim Of ‘Tapes’ Is Total BS–Here’s How We Know (VIDEO)

As the Russia investigation threatens to consume both the White House and the Republican Party, the Trump administration has been given a deadline: Turn over any “tapes” of conversations between President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey by no later than June 23.

Rest assured, there will be no recordings handed over because none exist.

Donald Trump, as he has proven time and time again in his life, is a bullshitter. He’s also a pathological liar. That combination suggests that his talk of recordings which document what was said by him to James Comey is nothing but bluster.

On CNN Saturday, author Michael D’Antonio, who wrote The Truth About Trump, suggested that Trump’s history of lying means he’s merely trying to divert attention from the damaging information Comey revealed earlier in the week when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee:

“This just sounds to me like showmanship. It’s what you’d expect from the host of a reality TV show. It’s not what you’d expect from the president of the United States.”

CNN political commentator Matthew Axelrod agreed with D’Antonio:

“I’m not going to speculate on how or why the president made the remarks he did about Mr. Comey. Respectfully, I think the issue of the tapes is sort of a sideshow that’s been created by the president to distract attention from what we know to be the facts.”

The suggestion of “tapes” allows the president to present a shiny object for the media to focus on. But that’s unlikely to divert attention for long from the simple fact that Comey’s testimony was a blow to an already embattled administration.

Ex-CIA agent Phil Mudd also thinks Trump is bluffing, and explained why during an appearance on CNN Friday evening:

“I think it’s pretty straightforward. We have the president who has portrayed himself as the tough guy, everything from reality TV that we talked about to the presidency. I suspect there are no tapes and now he has to come out and say the tough guy was bluffing. I think the story is going to end up being simpler in retrospect… there’s nothing there.”

Keep in mind that Trump had this to say Friday at a joint press conference with the president of Romania when a reporter asked when he might release any recordings:

“You are going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer. Don’t worry.”

So when Donald Trump talks about “tapes,” it’s just another of his many lies. Some things never change.

Here’s the CNN panel discussion from Saturday:

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