Donald Trump’s Favorite German Bank May Have Just Sold Him Out To Congressional Investigators

Not long ago, we learned a bank that has done extensive business with Donald Trump over the years does indeed have some of his tax returns, and that could mean that all of us are about to see exactly what’s hiding in the Trump returns.

Congressional efforts to obtain Trump’s taxes from the IRS have been meet with legal maneuvers from Trump’s team of lawyers, and those legal wranglings could take several months to work their way through the courts.

But the revelation that Deutsche Bank has some of the Trump tax returns has led some to suggest that the bank may hand those over to various congressional committees and that it could happen very soon, the Hill reports:

“Many tax and legal experts think Democrats will ultimately prevail in both the case involving the IRS and the case involving Deutsche Bank but think that the latter case will be resolved faster — meaning that Democrats are more likely to receive Trump-related tax returns from Deutsche Bank before the 2020 election than they are to receive tax returns from the IRS.”

As you’d expect, a lawyer for Trump said the House isn’t entitled to obtain Trump’s taxes from Deutsche Bank, but that argument isn’t likely to get much leverage in court, according to University of Pittsburgh law professor Philip Hackney:

“I think the House has the better argument here.”

Keep in mind that Trump has stiffed Deutsche Bank out of money in the past (to the tune of $640 million) so they could be ready to show him that they can play hardball, too.

Trump’s tax returns are going to be made public, and it will probably be before the 2020 election. He’s running out of legal delays and the law is not on his side.

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