Donald Trump’s Latest Plan To Destroy Joe Biden Just Blew Up In His Face

Donald Trump and the 2020 Trump for President campaign had it all planned out.

Since it looked like Joe Biden would be the Democratic presidential nominee and the White House had been unable to dig up any dirt in Ukraine related to the former vice president’s son, Hunter, it was going to be necessary to unleash millions of dollars of negative ads against Biden before he even managed to clinch the nomination.

Politico notes:

“President Donald Trump’s top political advisers in recent weeks envisioned unleashing a massive advertising campaign against Joe Biden to define him for the general election before he had a chance to recover from the primary.”

And then coronavirus showed up in the United States, and since the Trump campaign had no fallback position other than negative ads, their strategy has left them with egg on their face and no real strategy for how they deal with a surging Biden at a time when everything is falling apart for the president.

Some of Trump’s supporters are getting worried:

“Trump allies say that, for the time being at least, his reelection hopes hinge almost entirely on his ability to manage the crisis.”

In other words, they’re counting on Trump to do something he has never proven he has the ability to: Be a true, inspirational leader who will marshal the courage and commitment needed to keep the United States on the right course at a time when everything seems to be falling apart.

The stock market has given back all of the gains it had made since Trump was elected. There is little or no faith in the administration’s scattershot moves to counter COVID-19. Hospitals are on the verge of being overwhelmed with patients suffering from coronavirus and near death. Meanwhile, people are fighting over rolls of toilet paper at their local grocery store.

Biden, however, continues to raise millions in funding as Trump vacillates between calling the virus a “hoax” and claiming the media is the problem.

Day by day, Donald Trump is digging his own political grave. His grand plans to destroy Joe Biden have turned into little more than a once-promising fantasy. And that means Trump has to pretend he’s “presidential.” That alone suggests the Trump 2020 campaign is operating at a distinct disadvantage.

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