‘Duck Dynasty’ Moron Goes On 13-Minute Bible-Thumping Rant At Cruz Rally (Video)

It should come as no surprise to any of us that “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is a fan and supporter of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. After all, how could one fake ass Christian piece of human excrement not be attracted to another one. But at a Cruz rally in South Carolina earlier this evening, the Duck Commander who just loves to hate gays and say African-Americans were better off under slavery turned in one hell of a performance.

Robertson began his 13-minute rant by telling the crowd that the Ten Commandments are on display at the Supreme Court and then adding this:

“Give them time. They’ll haul them away.”

If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll load up Brother Robertson and haul him away to a psychiatric hospital where he can be treated for his delusions 24/7.

And then the Duckbrained One started in on a hellfire and brimstone routine that was enough to raise the dead, provided, of course, the dead were really bored and needed a good laugh. Bible in hand, Robertson began to preach thusly:

“The strength of this nation will not be this Constitution, but the laws of God that the Constitution is based on. You get rid of God, you get him out and keep him from being your anchor — when you start allowing men to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil. You let men do it and they do not vet it with through this book. Our founding fathers warned us over and over again, what you will end up doing is saying, ‘Well, now I know it sounds like a violation of commandment number six, which says do not murder, but we’re just going to go ahead and tell these ladies — ladies in America — they can kill their children.'”

As a capper to that bit of verbal diarrhea, Robertson then exhorted the voters in the room to:

“Vote godly.”

Why? So we can get more self-righteous nutbags like you in Washington, Phil? No, thanks. We have far too many of those right now.

Watch Reverend Duckbrain Preach His Crap:


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