Elizabeth Warren Goes On Awesome Twitterstorm, Calls Trump Out

It seems clear that no matter who the Democratic nominee may be this year, Elizabeth Warren will play a major role in taking the fight to the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump.

Monday has been D-Day for Warren, and she has taken to Trump’s favorite form of social media, Twitter, to call the bully out and tell some truths about him, using the word “loser” to describe the Donald, which will no doubt drive him crazy. Here’s some of what Senator Warren has posted today:

And before the Trump acolytes try to say that Warren is lying, here’s a factoid for them from Trump biographer Timothy O’Brien:

“On a single day in August 2004, he told me his net worth was $4 billion to $5 billion, then revised that later the same day to $1.7 billion. Forbes said at the time he was worth $2.6 billion. A year later Donald told me he was worth $5 billion to $6 billion, but a brochure left on my nightstand at his Palm Beach resort said he was worth $9.5 billion.”

Trump lies about everything, but there is one truth that applies to him in every situation: He is a massive asshat and hateful bag of intestinal gas who will be rejected by the large majority of Americans should he happen to win the GOP nomination. We’re on to you, Donald, and the battle has been joined. Here’s how it ends: You lose…again!

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