Elizabeth Warren Just Took To Facebook And DESTROYED Donald Trump (VIDEO)

For months now, many people from various quarters have weighed in on what can best be called the Long National Nightmare of the 2016 election: Donald J. Trump. Even members of his own party are starting to say they may have to rethink their so-called “loyalty pledge” to support the GOP nominee if it happens to be Trump.

Yet despite all of this collective criticism, nothing has done the least bit of good slowing down Trump. He gets attacked and rises in the polls, defying conventional wisdom and common sense.

Today, however, Senator Elizabeth Warren posted something on Facebook that should serve as both a rallying cry and a line of attack for all who seek to bring the bloviating bully we know as “the Donald” back down to earth. Here’s her post:


This is what has needed to be said for many long months. All who care about their country and the future of the free world need to embrace this sentiment and use it in every situation when we encounter those who either start to sing the praises of this dangerous man or others who say they cannot decide who to vote for in November, so they may stay home on Election Day.

Let’s not forget that just last month in Birmingham, this is what Trump had to say about protesters:

This man wants to be President, to be entrusted with the safety and welfare of the American people, to have his hands on the nuclear codes? Someone this unstable, this hateful, this mean-spirited, is not fit to be the municipal trash collector, let alone the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

Senator Warren is right about something else, too: We cannot remain silent, hoping and praying that the threat will go away. Trump has been gaining strength and momentum for almost a year now. His own party is afraid of him! So it remains the responsibility of every citizen to speak clearly, loudly, and frequently when it comes to the menace we face from Donald Trump and his deranged followers. There is no virtue in silence. Silence only brings us a day closer to impending disaster if we don’t start yelling our warnings from the rooftops so all can hear them.

This article was originally published by the same author at BipartisanReport.com.

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