Eric Trump Gets Slammed Online After Promoting Daddy’s Golf Course During A Pandemic

If there’s one absolute in this uncertain world we live in, it’s that Eric Trump is by far the dumbest of the Trump children/spawn. If you don’t believe that, consider the following examples:

  • Eric once said his father came from “nothing” and yet still managed to become a successful businessman and billionaire.
  • Eric has also remarked that bragging about sexual assault (i.e. his father regaling others with how he likes to “grab ’em by the pussy”) is just a sign of an “alpha personality” and not the least bit wrong or inappropriate.

And now we have Eric promoting one of his daddy’s golf courses in California, even though the entire state is under a “stay at home” order to help control the spread of coronavirus.

Here’s what the utterly clueless Eric posted on Twitter Friday:

Really, Eric? Did your moronic brother, Don Jr., recommend this? Or did you manage to “think” that one up all on your own?

Hundreds of people are dead in this country from COVID-19. People are afraid. And we’re supposed to be planning a golfing vacation. What in the actual hell?!

Fortunately, social media leveled Eric’s karma for him:

Oh, Eric! You’re such a damn fool, aren’t you, boy? And worst of all, you have to pretend that you love a father who is completely unlovable and pure evil.

Here’s a free tip for the entire Trump family: Start packing up your old man’s shit. The American people are ready to serve an eviction notice on this hateful idiot.

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