Evidence House Democrats Just Gave Mueller May Seal Don Jr’s Fate: REPORT

Now that Democrats have control of the House of Representatives, the White House no longer has committee chairs who are only too happy to short-circuit investigations and obstruct justice on behalf of President Donald Trump and his family.

As proof of the changed landscape in Congress, consider what Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had to say during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” recently.

Schiff said he would immediately turn over transcripts of testimony from the House Intelligence Committee (which he now chairs) to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. And that could be very bad news for Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone. The Guardian reports that anyone who testified before the intelligence committee and wasn’t completely truthful:

“Could be charged with perjury if there is evidence that they lied to Congress during interviews behind closed doors.”

That would be especially troublesome for Donald Trump Jr., who helped arrange the infamous meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower in June of 2016.

Don Jr’s story on that meeting has changed numerous times. First he said was to discuss adoption (a blatant lie), only to later admit he was indeed looking for “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, but never told his father he met with the Russians.

The president has reportedly told close friends and advisers that he fears his oldest son could be in big legal trouble:

“Trump has confided to friends and advisers that he is worried the Mueller probe could destroy the lives of what he calls ‘innocent and decent people’ — namely Trump Jr., who is under scrutiny by Mueller for his role organizing a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

As one adviser described the president’s thinking, he does not believe his son purposefully broke the law, but is fearful nonetheless that Trump Jr. inadvertently may have wandered into legal ­jeopardy.”

If Don Jr. lied even once during his testimony to a House committee, he’s committed perjury, and that alone could get him five years in prison. If he did it on multiple occasions, it’s five years for each instance.

Robert Mueller is about to drop the hammer on the Trump family, and now he has one chamber of Congress on his side.

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