Ex-NSA Analyst: Trump Is ‘Expendable’ To Putin–POTUS Should Be Terrified Of What’s Next

We’ve all wondered: What kind of compromising information does Russian president Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump? Well, it turns out we may soon find out exactly what Putin has, because Trump is no longer of any value to him.

Ex-NSA analyst John Schindler, who has written extensively on the Trump-Russia connection, says in a new column published by the Observer that we are indeed seeing Cold War 2.0, and he also thinks the next steps on the Russian side could prove catastrophic for both Trump and the Republican party. Schindler writes:

“Only six months into his presidency, Moscow has assessed that Trump is a naif, an incompetent weakling who cannot deliver what Russia needs. He is therefore expendable.”

The latest round of sanctions imposed by Congress, Schindler adds, is the last straw for Vladimir Putin, who helped elect Trump so a previous package of sanctions would be lifted:

“Above all, Putin wanted his American superfan, once in office, to lift the sanctions that Congress placed on Russia due to its aggressive war on Ukraine, which are doing real damage to Russia’s ailing economy. Sanctions relief is an obsession in Moscow these days, and most of the strange, secretive relations between Team Trump and the Kremlin during 2016 revolve around Russia’s ardent desire to escape the West’s painful sanctions regime.”

With Trump no longer useful to the Russians, their next play might well be to destroy him by releasing whatever compromising information they have on him and possibly members of his family, Schindler notes:

“Now that Trump is expendable to Moscow, he ought to worry that leaks unflattering to him and his entourage may go public. We know that Russian hackers pillaged Republicans as well as Democrats in 2016, while only the latter have been disseminated by Kremlin fronts. Not to mention Trump’s decades of shadowy financial dealings with Russian oligarchs, which the Kremlin surely knows all about. Putin is biding his time and, right now, he’s holding most of the important cards. He may ultimately decide Trump’s political fate, which now resides in Moscow’s hands.”

Imagine if the Russians dump all of their information online the way they did with Hillary Clinton. Then it would be available to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and could be used to confirm evidence already gathered as part of the federal investigation. It could also lead Mueller to new areas of interest that could prove devastating to both the president and his political allies in Congress.

It has long been predicted that Donald Trump might prove to be the death of the GOP. And that may well be about to happen as both go down in a mutual immolation of treason and treachery.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org

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