Expert On Authoritarianism Says She Believes Trump Is Blackmailing Republicans (VIDEO)

Why is it that so many Republicans who were once highly critical of Donald Trump — Bob Corker (TN), Lindsey Graham (SC) — have suddenly become so compliant and complimentary? Have they had a genuine change of heart, or could they be operating out of fear?

On MSNBC Thursday evening, author and expert on authoritarian regimes Sarah Kendzior was the guest and said she’s convinced that Senator Graham is being blackmailed by Trump:

“The RNC was hacked. We don’t know what happened with those e-mails. We know that Lindsey Graham’s personal e-mails were also hacked and we know that Trump has a long track record of blackmailing and threatening those who he sees as his political opponents. That goes back throughout his entire career.”

What information might Trump have on Graham and others in the GOP? The money they received from shady sources in Russia. They have their own Russiagate issues. Kendzior then noted this about how Republicans acted at the tax bill ceremony held at the White House earlier Thursday afternoon:

“I think what concerns me most is that they seem afraid. They seem unable to stand up for themselves. They lack all dignity.

“Trump has berated them, he has insulted them. He’s often gone after their wives and their family members, saying terrible things and yet they prostrate themselves to him. What kind of leader are you? What kind of man are you?”

What exactly does Trump have on these members of Congress that has them so cowed? Could this be the reason they refuse to even consider impeaching him and have been actively trying to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller? That would certainly help explain their sudden change of heart.

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