Feds Squeeze Trump Org. Chief Financial Officer, Prepare To Charge Donald With Money Laundering

Donald Trump is not having a good week.

First there was the release of the recording made by his former attorney, Michael Cohen, which suggests the president did indeed know of payoffs being made to a woman Trump had an affair with. Then there was the new polling suggesting that the 2018 midterm election is looking like a blue tsunami, meaning impeachment may begin as soon as next year if Democrats retake control of Congress.

And now we have a report from the Wall Street Journal that proves federal authorities investigating Trump are indeed following the money trail by issuing a subpoena to longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg as part of the ongoing probe being conducted into Cohen:

“For decades, Mr. Weisselberg has served as executive vice president and chief financial officer at the Trump Organization, and was once described by a person close to the company as ‘the most senior person in the organization that’s not a Trump.’ The subpoena illustrates that investigators are seeking input from Mr. Trump’s closest colleagues in the Trump Organization, particularly those with knowledge of the company’s financial dealings.”

What might those financial dealings include? Considering that Weisselberg is the point man in the Trump Organization when it comes to money, it’s a safe bet that investigators are looking for evidence of money laundering and bank fraud. For decades, many have speculated that Trump sought financing from Russian oligarchs and organized crime figures when American banks refused to loan him money because he had stiffed financial institutions by declaring bankruptcy on numerous occasions.

Also, we know that the Trump Organization has attempted to build Trump skyscrapers in Russia over the years, suggesting that Trump may have financial ties to the leaders of Russian republics known for corruption and demanding cash in pay-for-play schemes.

And the news could get worse for Trump if any of those remaining Cohen tapes (and there are over 100 in the FBI’s possession) have the president discussing illegal money transfers.

The trail Donald Trump fears most is the one that’s paved with dirty money. And it’s that same trail that will lead to his destruction.

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