Florida Professor Taunts Sandy Hook Parents, Accuses Them Of Faking Massacre For Money

Take a good look at the picture you see above this story. This man is James Tracy, and he’s a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). And, it should be noted, he is also what is known as a Sandy Hook truther.

You see, this ignorant piece of fecal matter thinks the Sandy Hook massacre, which took place exactly three years ago to this day and killed 20 children and 6 adults, was faked. It never happened, he says.

And now this same professor is taking his hate speech to the Internet, blaming some of the parents whose children were killed at Sandy Hook of being “conspirators” who have profited “handsomely from the fake death of their son.”

Writing on the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, Lenny and Veronique Pozner, who lost their son that dark day in December 2012 had this to say about James Tracy:

“Although many of these tormentors persecute us behind anonymous online identities, some do so openly and even proffer their professional credentials in an attempt to lend credence to their allegations. In this piece we want to focus on someone who is chief among the conspiracy theorists — Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy.”

Tracy has even gone so far with his harassment of the Pozner’s that he sent them a certified letter in which he demanded proof that their son ever existed. The Pozner’s also said in their post:

“Tracy is among those who have personally sought to cause our family pain and anguish by publicly demonizing our attempts to keep cherished photos of our slain son from falling into the hands of conspiracy theorist. Tracy even sent us a certified letter demanding proof that Noah once lived, that we were his parents, and that we were the rightful owner of his photographic image. We found this so outrageous and unsettling that we filed a police report for harassment. Once Tracy realized we would not respond, he subjected us to ridicule and contempt on his blog, boasting to his readers that the ‘unfulfilled request’ was ‘noteworthy’ because we had used copyright claims to ‘thwart continued research of the Sandy Hook massacre event.’”

In response, Tracy called the Pozner’s “alleged parents,” and added:

“The local conspirators in Newtown, such as the alleged parents of the murdered children, including Lenny and Veronique Pozner, have made out very well financially, soliciting contributions from generous yet misinformed Americans, where the families have averaged more than $1,000,000 apiece. Their son, Noah, is a very special boy because he has the distinction of dying twice — first at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012; then thousands of miles across the world at the Peshawar Army School shooting in Pakistan 2 years later on December 16, 2014. And the only proof Lenny has produced that Noah died in Sandy Hook is a death certificate he provided to one of the book’s contributors [conspiracy theorist Prof. Jim Fetzer], which has been revealed as a fabrication. If Noah actually died, there would have been no reason to fake it.”

James Tracy is a human parasite, feeding off the pain and suffering of others. He is a disgrace to the university he teaches at and to academia in general. If you agree, feel free to contact FAU and let them know:

FAU Contact Information, Click HERE

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