Former DNC Chair: Trump Running A ‘Criminal Enterprise’ Out Of White House (VIDEO)

Even though President Trump may insist that he isn’t involved in any of his business interests now that he’s in the White House, he’s never actually bothered to produce any proof of his promise, meaning that you can classify this as yet another of his many lies.

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean says he’s had enough of Trump’s profiting from his office. On MSNBC Tuesday, Dean let Trump have it, commenting that the president is “constantly vacationing to promote his own properties.” He then added:

“The promotion is extraordinary. There hasn’t been a president in my lifetime that’s done anything like this.”

Of course not. There’s never been a criminal and grifter like Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

Dean also noted that he’d initially been skeptical of using the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution as a way to impeach Trump:

“In the beginning, the constitutional business about the emoluments clause, which is you’re not supposed to take foreign money to influence your policy, it didn’t bother me, I thought it was a far-flung argument — I’m not an attorney.”

Now, however, according to Dean, the White House is engaged in what is clearly criminal activity and that Trump and members of his staff are:

“Shaking down foreign governments who have moved their events to his hotel in Washington at somebody’s request in order to get favors.”

The former Governor of New Hampshire also hit Trump with this:

“I think he’s running a criminal enterprise out of the White House and I think that’s what Bob Mueller’s on the track of.”

It’s certainly possible that in addition to his investigation into possible collusion with Russia by Trump, Special Counsel Robert Mueller may also be examining if Trump is in violation of the Emoluments Clause. If so, Trump could be facing impeachment for multiple crimes which include conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, obstruction of justice, illegal business dealings while in office, and fraud. Time will tell.

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