Former Prosecutor: Mueller Set A Trap For Trump That Prevents Pardon To Silence Flynn

Donald Trump may look back on this Thanksgiving as the day his entire presidency began to crumble.

It was reported Thursday that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his legal team were no longer sharing information with the White House, suggesting that Flynn is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and is willing to testify against the president and other members of the administration involved in the Russia matter.

Legal experts have long suspected that Trump might try to pardon those who face legal jeopardy as a result of the Russia probe, but former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti says Mueller may have just made that impossible. Mariotti tweeted this:

But since Flynn’s team is no longer sharing anything with the White House, it now appears the Trump legal team is in the dark as far as trying to surmise what charges Mueller might be working on.

Mariotti also addressed the possibility of a pardon for Flynn:

In other words, Mueller has set a brilliant trap for the president: If he tries to go the route of pardoning Flynn, he may actually be providing evidence that he’s been obstructing justice all along. And instead of angling for a pardon, Flynn could get a much better deal if he tells Mueller everything he knows, Mariotti noted:

Mueller is very close to having Trump in legal checkmate, and it looks like he’s given Trump only two options: Resign or be impeached.

It’s been said before, but it needs to be repeated: Robert Mueller is playing legal chess at a very high level. Trump, on the other hand, is still attempting to learn the basics of checkers.

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