Former White House Staffer Says Trump Stole $200 Million From His 2020 Campaign

The Trump reelection campaign has a big problem: The $1.1 billion they raised to help the incumbent president win a second term in office is gone, and now people are wondering exactly where the money went.

According to the New York Times:

“(Trump’s) campaign also appears to be facing a significant financial crunch and has largely ceased advertising on television even as Mr. Biden begins to spend heavily from his war chest after raising about $365 million in August.”

Reportedly, the situation is so dire that Trump has suggested he may put $100 million of his own money into the campaign so they can continue to run television ads in the closing weeks of the race. The president confirmed this before he left for Florida on Tuesday, telling reporters:

“If I have to, I would.”

But a former White House adviser and one-time close friend of Trump says he’s convinced the president steered at least $200 million from the campaign into his own pockets.

Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly served as White House Communications Director, was asked Tuesday during an appearance on MSNBC if he thinks Trump will pony up money from his own bank account to keep the campaign funded. Host Chuck Todd queried:

“He’s supposedly thinking about putting his own money in. A lot of skepticism by many of us that he’d actually write his own check. You know this as a donor. How much harder is it for you to write a check to somebody’s campaign committee if you know they’re as wealthy as you are?”

Scaramucci replied:

“I think the real question, though, is, what happened to the $200 million-plus that went into the LLC? I’m asking Ronna Romney McDaniel where is the money? It’s sort of a joke at this point. We know they’re grifting off the campaign. The president will never write a personal check into that campaign, and we know that they spend gajillions of dollars in his hotels to fortify him. It’s a sickening thing, Chuck. I don’t like it at all. I haven’t written a lot of checks since 2016 as a result of this. They have really exposed the dark side of this sort of fundraising.”

Yep. $200 million went into a limited liability company, and it’s believed much of that cash was funneled into Trump’s properties. Additionally, the Republican National Committee has also spent at least $60 million on Trump’s legal defense fund and even blew $11 million on a Super Bowl ad that was widely panned.

Think about it: Trump is supposedly a billionaire, but he’s still involved in grift to further enrich himself. Once a grifter, always a grifter.

Here’s the video of Scaramucci on MSNBC:

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