Fox News Host: Time For Trump To Give EPA Chief Scott Pruitt The Boot (VIDEO)

If there’s one member of the Trump administration that makes a complete mockery of Donnie Dollhand’s campaign promise that he’d “drain the swamp” if elected, it’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt.

Since being appointed by Trump, Pruitt has spent taxpayer money on a sound proof phone booth in his office, traveled on the public dime via charter planes, and rented a room at a condo in Washington from a lobbyist who has business before the very agency Pruitt oversees.

On Sunday, New Jersey Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo became the fifth member of Trump’s party to call for Pruitt to be removed from his post, commenting:

“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt should resign. Wrong fit from start for agency dedicated to protecting our environment.”

And now even Fox “News” is ready to dump Pruitt, with L.A.-based Fox News host Steve Hilton saying on his show:

“What we need is for President Trump to take the lead, fire Scott Pruitt, and throw out the lobbyists from his administration.”

Sadly, Hilton’s words will likely fall on deaf ears at the White House.

During an appearance on Meet the Press Sunday, White House legislative director Marc Short was asked about the many scandals swirling around Pruitt, and he reiterated the president’s support for the EPA administrator:

“Scott Pruitt is doing a phenomenal job and the president is happy with him.”

Yeah, he’s doing a phenomenal job of being a greedy, self-absorbed extremist conservative who wants to see all regulations removed and the public left at the mercy of rapacious corporations who long to pollute and poison all of us with impunity. And while he’s at it, Pruitt is also gonna make sure and take plenty of money out of the public coffers that are filled with our tax dollars. Have yourself a damn party, Scott! Be sure and send us the tab!

Donald Trump is a con man who surrounds himself with criminals, and the proof can be found in the person of Scott Pruitt, who simply cannot understand why we’re all so upset that he’s a crook.

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