Gold Star Father Starting Twitter Account So He Can Call Trump A ‘Damn Liar’

On August 13, Sgt. Roshain E. Brooks and Spc. Allen Levi Stigler Jr. lost their lives in Iraq. According to the Department of Defense, the two soldiers were killed in what was called “a mishap” that took place when they attacking an ISIS mortar site. The two men were posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal, and Combat Action Badge.

Earlier this week, President Trump said at a press conference that he personally contacts the families of soldiers who are killed in action. But Euvince Brooks, the father of Sgt. Roshain Brooks, says he’s never received a letter or phone call from Trump.

And now Brooks is joining Twitter so he can let the world know that Trump is lying. Brooks told the Washington Post:

“I said to my daughter, ‘Can you teach me to tweet, so I can tweet at the president and tell him he’s a liar?’ You know when you hear people lying and you want to fight? That’s the way I feel last night. He’s a damn liar.”

Brooks added that the loss of his son has been so traumatic that he and his wife have been unable to sleep since they were notified of his death:

“From the day that guy was born, he was a hero to me. He was my first-born, my right eye. He was everything to me. He’s a hero. We did a lot of things together. Losing him was almost like losing myself.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump didn’t call the Brooks family. After all, Sgt. Brooks was African-American, and racists like the so-called president aren’t known for showing concern or offering compassion to those they believe to be inferior due to the color of their skin.

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