GOP Congressman: If Ted Cruz Is The Nominee, ‘I’ll Get Some Cyanide’

The poor, pathetic Republicans. First they lose their minds when they think Donald Trump may be the nominee, going so far as to organize an unofficial (wink wink) Stop Trump movement from deep within the party. Then they look around and realize that only two candidates other than Trump are left: Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Kasich, while a very nice man who happens to be the governor of an important state–Ohio–is so far behind in the delegate count that he is unlikely to be the nominee. Which leaves only Ted Cruz.

What do we know about Ted Cruz? Well, he’s the junior Senator from Texas, and he has also been called the most hated man in the Senate by more than one of his colleagues. Arizona Senator John McCain once referred to Cruz as a “wacko bird,” and that was when McCain was feeling charitable.

Now we have New York Congressman Peter King weighing in on Ted Cruz, and he is even less complimentary than McCain was. Appearing on Fox Business Network earlier today, King was initially asked about his fellow New Yorker, the current GOP front-runner, Donald Trump but he soon turned that into an attack on Cruz. King remarked:

‘With Donald Trump, I’ve had some real issues with him. On the other hand, in no way am I comparing him to Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz — anyone in New York who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz is a nut!’

So what happens if Cruz happens to wind up being the nominee, Congressman King? King was unsparing with his reply:

‘I tell you, I don’t know — I’ll get some cyanide. I don’t know what I’ll do. I mean, I’ll just — you know, not gonna tell you.’

But you just told us, Congressman. And King’s remarks are oddly reminiscent of what Senator Lindsey Graham said when asked about choosing between Cruz and Trump. Graham said such a choice was analogous to:

‘Being shot or poisoned.’

Another reference to death. Sounds like these Republicans are not exactly jumping for joy when they think about their choices.

Finally, Congressman King was asked this about Cruz:

‘Will you vote for him?’

King tried to regain some sense of balance and mitigate what he’d already said, commenting:

‘Listen, put it this way: I will endorse the nominee of the party. But it wouldn’t be the most, you know, vociferous support.’

This is not the first time Peter King has had less than glowing reviews when it comes to Ted Cruz. Here he is less than a year ago expressing himself on all things Cruz:

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