GOP Congresswoman Says Hillary Disappoints Her ‘As A Woman’ Because She Refuses To Kiss Trump’s As* (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever seen Tennessee GOP Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn on any television show, then you know she’s only too glad to accept whatever manure her party tells her to distribute to the general public, no matter how ridiculous it might be. She’s shrill, condescending, and about as well-informed as a rock.

On CNN early Sunday morning, Blackburn expressed her disappointment with Hillary Clinton for saying the former Democratic candidate had announced that she has joined the “resistance” and would be working against the Trump administration as they seek to impose their policies on this country and the world at large. Blackburn remarked:

“I think as a woman who is in elected office, it is disappointing to me. Hillary Clinton has the opportunity to role model graciousness. But she is choosing to live and stew in bitterness. And to blame somebody else.”

Oh, as a woman she should be gracious to a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, said she should be in prison, and only won the election with the help of a foreign adversary?

Blackburn then went on to add:

“Throughout my career, I’ve seen over and over again, eventually you say, ‘This didn’t work’ or ‘I didn’t win’ or ‘I am sorry.’ And you move on. You accept things. You own it. You move on. And she is missing a great opportunity by not doing that.”

What works for one person should not be universally applied to everyone, Marsha. Something tells me if you’d lost and there were questions of how your opponent won, you’d be hollering louder than a fire alarm.

Finally, Blackburn commented:

“Listen to her, it’s always somebody else’s fault. Listen to her, another day for the election and she would have won.”

How ignorantly cavalier of Congresswoman Blackburn to dismiss potential traitorous actions by the so-called president and members of his campaign team. She and her Republican cohorts would have already introduced articles of impeachment if the shoe was on the other foot.

And one other thing, Marsha: Hillary Clinton is a classier and more accomplished lady than you could ever be.

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