GOP Mayor Who Placed Ten Commandments At City Hall Arrested For Stealing

It’s doubtful that you’ve ever heard the name Reford Theobold. He has served as a council member and also the mayor of Grand Junction, Colorado. But it’s something he did way back in 2001 that put him squarely in the news.

See, in 2001 Theobold fought tooth and nail to keep a Ten Commandments monument on City Hall grounds by using tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to build an historical documents plaza as a legal loophole to keep the religious statue. A federal judge even allowed the display to remain.

But according to the Grand Junction Sentinel, Brother Theobold is one of those Christians who doesn’t think the Law of Moses actually applies to him. To wit:

“Reford Theobold, 61, was ticketed at about noon on Friday on suspicion of theft by shoplifting after an employee of Cabela’s, 2424 U.S. Highway 6&50, observed Theobold take several ‘Big Hunk’ candy bars, hide them in a file folder, and walk past registers without paying, an officer wrote in the summons.

“Theobold also had two maps which weren’t paid for, the summons said.

“The officer said Theobold repeatedly apologized, told officers he was embarrassed and that he’d acted ‘stupid.’”

Embarrassed that he got caught, perhaps, but something tells me he isn’t embarrassed about being the biggest hypocrite in the whole county. Make that the whole state!

Just the fact that this sanctimonious POS got caught is, in a way, punishment enough when you consider how this makes Theobold look to those he sought to impress with his false righteousness for so many decades.

At the same time, it also makes him guilty of another Biblical sin, one of which I personally have a much bigger problem with: Hypocrisy. Do you suppose this asshat even knows what that word means? If not, maybe he will very soon.

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