GOP Strategist Says Republicans Need To Face Facts: Trump Is Corrupt (VIDEO)

Some Republicans are getting very nervous about Donald Trump’s refusal to place his extensive business holdings in a blind trust, and they’re warning that refusal–along with questions about the Trump Foundation–could have catastrophic consequences for the President-elect and the GOP.

Wednesday on CNN, GOP strategist Ana Navarro said lots of Republicans who have embraced Trump and refused to speak out on his conflicts of interest will “have a lot of egg on their face” if they don’t insist that Trump completely distance himself from his business. Navarro added:

“I think it creates a massive political problem, not just for Donald Trump but also for Republicans. Republicans have honed in on the issue of conflict of interest with Hillary Clinton for years now. It has been something that we have hammered away over and over again, and which I think was very hurtful to Hillary Clinton.”

Navarro then said that Trump is just as ethically challenged as Clinton was accused of being, yet Republicans aren’t saying a word about it:

“Donald Trump has to face the same exact scrutiny, if not tougher. He is president of the United States. She was Secretary of State of the United States and a candidate. And I think Republicans are going to have a lot of egg on their face if they don’t investigate, and they’re not tough with Donald Trump as they were with Hillary Clinton, the candidate. I also think that it’s going to be a steady drip, drip, drip, that the American public is not going to like. We’ve already seen a steady drip, drip, drip in the last two weeks and he’s only been President-Elect for the last two weeks.”

Fellow panelist Jeremy Diamond agreed with Navarro, saying:

“Donald Trump has yet to have to actually answer to this report from The Washington Post regarding the disclosure his foundation made to the IRS. Donald Trump, throughout the campaign, insisted he followed the letter of the law and clearly his foundation did not. And The New York Times meeting he had yesterday, he said he’s already started in fact to reduce his involvement in his company and hand it over to his kids. But his kids are still very involved in his transition efforts. They were key advisers in his campaign. That’s going to be perhaps the most difficult part for him to separate himself from. These are people, not only his children, but who he relied on for advice and counsel and who were movers and shakers in his campaign.”

By this time next year, we could be looking at the most corrupt administration since Warren Harding. We could also be seeing calls for Trump to be impeached. Time will tell.

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