Has Maxine Waters Obtained Some Of Donald Trump’s Hidden Bank Records?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has said for months now that she’s convinced President Donald Trump has committed numerous crimes before he was elected and since he became president, and it looks like she may have some of the evidence she needs to prove so.

According to The Hill, one of Trump’s biggest lenders, Deutsche Bank, has begun handing over records of its financial dealings with Trump and the Trump Organization to the House Financial Services Committee, which Waters chairs:

“When asked Tuesday at the Capitol if Deutsche Bank had started to hand over records of it financial relationship with Trump, Waters replied, ‘Yes.’

“The chairwoman also said she was satisfied with Deutsche Bank’s cooperation with the probe and that the Financial Services panel is looking into ‘everything’ regarding Trump’s dealings with the bank.”

Trump has long been suspected of having committed financial crimes — including money laundering and bank fraud — as part of his real estate and branding business. Deutsche Bank was one of the few banks that would loan money to Trump after he defaulted on numerous loans he had taken out with American banks. And Deutsche Bank also has a shady reputation.

In November of last year, the bank’s German offices were raided by investigators who suspect that Deutsche Bank helped launder at least $10 billion in money from Russian sources, NPR reported at the time:

“The search involved some 170 officers from the prosecutor’s office, the tax investigation department and the federal police, said senior public prosecutor Nadja Niesen, in an email to NPR. She added that the search resulted in the seizure of ‘numerous business documents’ in either electronic or paper form.

“Deutsche Bank has been fined and criticized for its poor record of preventing money laundering. As Deutsche Welle reports, ‘In August, it confirmed that even after it was fined for helping Russian clients wash some $10 billion, its mechanisms to stop such criminal activity were still inefficient.'”

Deutsche Bank also had to pay a massive fine of $630 million to the U.S. government for the alleged money laundering for Russian clients.

The line Waters can draw between Russia, Deutsche Bank, and Trump could not possibly be clearer, and it may well wind up serving as part of the foundation for other investigations into Trump’s dealings with Russia.

As we learned in Watergate, if you want to find the crime, all you have to do is follow the money. Rep. Waters and her Democratic colleagues are doing exactly that.

Go get him, Maxine!

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    • Please submitted these bank documents and allow We The People of United States to hear what he doesn’t want all American Citizens to hear.

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