Here Come Those BIG NAME Indictments From Robert Mueller

Everyone was on the lookout today after a report from CBS News suggested that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to hand down some of those long anticipated indictments we’ve been expecting since the midterm election:

That set off all sorts of speculation whose names we might find on the indictments, especially since the CBS report came just a day after former InfoWars nutjob Jerome Corsi announced on YouTube that he expected to be indicted very soon. Of course, when you consider that Corsi is the same lying jerk who started the birther conspiracy against former President President Barack Obama and makes a living off spinning elaborate and nonsensical conspiracy theories, you have to take what he says with several dashes of. If Corsi was indeed acting, he did one hell of a job:

While Corsi is a longtime associate of Roger Stone, he’s a very small fish compared to the big names remaining on the predicted indictment list. Let’s take a look at those:

Roger Stone: Stone could be the key to the entire Russia investigation, if only because he’s believed to have had repeated contacts with Russian hackers and WikiLeaks. He’s also a close personal friend of and adviser to President Trump.

Jared Kushner: Much like his father-in-law, the president, Jared reportedly has numerous business connections to Russia and has helped build his real estate empire with laundered money. He was also one of the attendees to that June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, looking for “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr.: Junior recently told friends he expects to be indicted in the very near future. Considering that he arranged the Trump Tower meeting with Russian nationals (including a former member of Russian intelligence), Don Jr. is all but certain to be busted by Mueller.

All that remains to be seen is when exactly Mueller will unseal the indictments he has obtained from grand juries in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Based on current reporting on the subject, it’s fair to say we won’t have to wait much longer.

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