Historian Says THIS ONE THING Will Prove Trump Is Guilty Of Conspiring With Russia

Two things we’ve learned since Robert Mueller became special counsel to investigate the attack on the 2016 election:

  1. Mueller and members of his team do not give interviews or speak with the media.
  2. Mueller and his team never ever leak to the press.

The fact that Mueller and his investigators have been so tight-lipped speaks volumes for their credibility and dedication to task. But it can be incredibly frustrating for those of us who are wondering when we might be seeing the results of the investigation in the form of big-name indictments and the final Mueller report which will be issued when the probe is concluded.

But according to Garrett Graff, a noted historian and journalist who has written extensively on Robert Mueller, if you want to know what the final Russia investigation report will look like, you only need to look at what the special counsel has already told us in his court filings. Graff recently told Wired:

“Everyone is so focused on ‘When is Mueller going to release the Mueller Report?’, and I think that what people miss is that Robert Mueller has been writing the Mueller Report in public through all of these court filings.”

For example, in the court filings made by Mueller as part of indictments that have been handed down, the special counsel’s office has provided much more information than was necessary:

“When Mueller indicted officers of Russia’s military intelligence GRU agency for hacking, he noted in the criminal filing that the night that Donald Trump went on live TV and invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton and find her missing emails, the GRU ‘returned to the office and attacked Hillary Clinton’s personal email server for the first time.

“Mueller uses that phrase ‘for the first time’ in the indictment, which is totally unnecessary, unless Mueller wants us to know that further down the road. Mueller is making claims that … point to breadcrumbs he is leaving us for where this is going to go.”

What does this mean when it comes to what we can all expect when the Russia probe is complete? Graff wouldn’t speculate in great detail, but he did offer some tantalizing clues:

“Mueller is particularly interested in … a Trump campaign meeting with Betsy Devos’ brother, Erik Prince, in the Seychelles in 2016, the role of the nation of Qatar in Russia’s disinformation campaign, the Trump tower meeting, the Trump money trail, and ‘weirder questions about money.’

“I think almost certainly the bombshell—if there is a bombshell—is about money.”

Just like it was in Watergate — or in nearly any American political scandal — it’s all about the money. How perfect will it be if the thing Donald Trump craves most, money, winds up being what brings his presidency and life to a crashing end?

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