Mitch McConnell Under Investigation For Illegal Ties To Kremlin-Connected Oligarch

The question with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) when it comes to his reluctance to protect the Mueller investigation via legislation and his repeated defense of the 2016 Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia has always been the same: What’s McConnell’s angle, his motive?

Keep in mind that McConnell didn’t even want the public to know about the Russian attack on the election, which was proposed by the Obama administration in 2016. As the Washington Post has reported:

“The Dems were, ‘Hey, we have to tell the public,’ recalled one participant. But Republicans resisted, arguing that to warn the public that the election was under attack would further Russia’s aim of sapping confidence in the system.

“… McConnell went further, officials said, voicing skepticism that the underlying intelligence truly supported the White House’s claims. Through a spokeswoman, McConnell declined to comment, citing the secrecy of that meeting.”

As it turns out, McConnell’s motive is the oldest one on the face of the planet: Money.

But it now looks like Mitch McConnell’s many hidden connections to Russia are about to be exposed by the House Oversight Committee, which has begun an investigation into Len Blavatnik, a Russian oligarch with dual Russian-American citizenship who has donated lavishly to Republicans.

Blavatnik, according to Quartz:

“Donated at least $6.35 million to Republican party institutions, PACs, and candidates.

“Most of that cash went to Super PACs associated with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and onetime presidential candidates Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, John Kasich, and Lindsey Graham.”

While Blavatnik’s contributions were technically legal because he holds dual citizenship, any money he may have contributed on the behalf of others would be illegal. And it appears he did exactly that:

“One of [Blavatnik’s]  many companies was partnered with a firm that was reportedly part-owned by a then-official in the Russian government. He also was in business with two other oligarchs now sanctioned by the US government.”

In other words, Blavatnik’s campaign contributions could actually be laundered money from Russian companies and individuals. And both of those actions are direct violations of federal law. If McConnell took a dime of that money, he’s part of a conspiracy to launder money and hide illegal campaign contributions.

And in case you’re wondering, McConnell was the single-largest recipient of campaign cash from Len Blavatnik. PACs associated with the majority leader have taken in $3.5 million since 2015.

There’s no secret to why Mitch McConnell is so eager to do the bidding of a man like Donald Trump: He’s compromised, too, and now the entire country is about to learn the full extent of his greed and treachery.

2 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Under Investigation For Illegal Ties To Kremlin-Connected Oligarch

  1. Has anyone begun an investigation on the N.R.A. and Russian money ?
    This was a good read. I’d heard something about Mitch and Russian money, several months ago. Good to see there’s follow up.

  2. We here in WI are watching very closely the “Russian $$ Affect” that was sent Scott Walker’s ( via Maria Buttina) way as well to possibly others in WI politics such as WI senators , assembly persons and maybe Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark!! In Lame Duck Sessions WI officials created exclusive attorney contract agreements with out of State law firms to be used by the remaining politicians for protection of their political futures which is costing taxpayers Millions!!!

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