House Impeachment Report Names Devin Nunes As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Bribery Scandal

The House Intelligence Committee has now released its report on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and while it confirms that Trump did indeed seek to bribe Ukraine in exchange for military aid. But it also directly implicates the ranking Republican on the committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

As the Daily Beast reports:

“The records shed new light on the relationship between Nunes, one of the impeachment inquiries most vehement critics, and the individuals at the center of what committee Democrats describe as an illicit campaign to weaponize U.S. foreign policy to Trump’s political advantage.

“The records in the committee’s 300-page report show three phone calls between Nunes and Giuliani on April 10 of this year, and at least two with Parnas two days later. Derek Harvey, a member of Nunes’ staff, also had a phone call with Giuliani the following month.”

Nunes has been one of Trump’s most eager (and often delusional) supporters since the president was first elected. He attempted to run interference during the investigation conducted by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and has eagerly spread numerous conspiracy theories in an attempt to steer attention away from Trump and the White House.

Just Security‘s Kate Brannen carefully laid out the way Nunes was himself an integral part of the Ukraine scheme, posting her revelations on Twitter:

An attorney for Parnas confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Nunes did indeed have numerous contacts with his client, who is currently under indictment in New York:

Now that the impeachment is moving to the House Judiciary Committee, you can expect both Parnas and Fruman to be key witnesses against Trump, Giuliani, and Nunes, all of whom are intimately involved in the larger conspiracy.

The truth is starting to come out, and it suggests that it’s not just Donald Trump who sold his dark soul for political power and advancement.

One thought on “House Impeachment Report Names Devin Nunes As Co-Conspirator In Ukraine Bribery Scandal

  1. My thoughts go to Adam Schiff and the unscrupulous smears and disgusting remarks he has had to endure while dealing with such corruption and desperate thugs! They are only looking to protect themselves from prison, but needing to keep a lying criminal in charge and traitor from impeachment and jail time. Americans that will allow this cult of destruction too build into something special need to be reminded they are not working for the public’s well being but making sure they keep hold of the easy money and the resources for themselves.

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