In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Melania Trump Posts A Ridiculous Message About Parenting

As coronavirus continues to infect more Americans and health workers have to do without protective equipment such as gloves and masks, First Lady Melania Trump thought this would be an ideal time to make a video about how we can all be better parents and teach our children how to wash their hands.

Keep in mind this is the very same Melania Trump who was too busy overlooking the construction of a White House tennis court earlier this month to make any public comments on the virus. At the time, her husband was calling COIVD-19 the “new hoax” from Democrats and telling his supporters the entire thing was just an attempt to make him look incompetent. As if he needs any help in that department.

In the minute and a half video Melania posted on Twitter, she advises parents to :

  • Find a song their children can sing while washing their hands for 20 seconds
  • Remind children to wash their hands when they come in the house from outisde
  • Stress the importance of not hugging or shaking hands in the midst of the COVID-10 outbreak

Of course, as is to often the case when the current First Lady speaks, you have to listen carefully to what she’s saying in order to understand the words. Supposedly she’s fluent in multiple languages, but English doesn’t seem to be one of them. She’s also one of the few immigrants Donald Trump doesn’t want to ship back to where they came from.

Reaction on Twitter was swift and unforgiving. Take a look:

Maybe if Melania wanted to be really helpful and live up to her “Be Best” campaign, she’d tell her husband to keep his mouth shut and stop trying to blame everyone else for his own failings.

Then again, asking this First Lady to do more than struggle through more than a sentence in English is like asking the Trump family not to grift. Come November, we have a chance to get rid of every last one of them.

One thought on “In The Middle Of A Pandemic, Melania Trump Posts A Ridiculous Message About Parenting

  1. She has almost become as ugly as her disgusting imitation of potus a bit like her black ugly Christ- Mas trees. Wow how about Melania you try teaching your step by step gangster children of that husbands several other wives how to stop stealing off the hard working Americans along with those amazing hard working Immigrants that you used like that Plastic goddess of evil Ivana the trumpet. with her $3 dollar wages. Stop the stealing go home and teach yourself English you are not on a fashion shit show. You work for the American public along with the other greedy lot of trump and his trumpsters. Even low enough to do their insider trading bet you are wearing clothes that have been bought from the hoods caches of loot. Worn out but such sleazy behavior that will never ever be normal….. Step Down from you post you are no longer trusted for there is no confidence left in you or your mob.

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