Irony Alert! White House Calls Stormy Daniels A Liar, Claims Only Trump Is ‘Consistent’

According to Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, Donald Trump is the only person telling the truth when it comes to the matter of an alleged affair between Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Asked about the explosive 60 Minutes interview with Daniels which appeared last night, Shah tried to paint Daniels as a liar, telling reporters:

“The White House didn’t engage in any wrongdoing. The president strong, clearly and consistently denied these underlying claims. The president is the only one who has been consistent and the only person who’s been inconsistent is the one making the charges.”

As for the interview itself, Shah refused to say if Trump had watched it, but did comment:

“The President doesn’t believe that any of the claims Ms. Daniels made in the interview are accurate.”

Pressed to elaborate on why Trump doesn’t accept that an affair took place, despite the fact that Trump’s personal attorney gave $130,000 to Daniels for her silence, Shah would only say:

“False charges are settled out of court all the time. You’d have to ask Michael Cohen about the specifics.”

False charges are settled out of court all the time? Even if we grant that to Mr. Shah, here’s the problem: These charges were settled and money was paid just weeks before the 2016 election, which Trump won with the help of his buddy Vladimir Putin.

Also, this isn’t exactly the first time Trump has paid money to make an embarrassing situation go away. He had The National Enquirer give $150,000 to Karen McDougal for the story of her affair with Trump. But the Enquirer then decided to not publish the article. The owner of the Enquirer, by the way, just so happens to be a friend and supporter of Donald Trump.

The most telling thing about this entire matter with Stormy Daniels is the fact that Trump hasn’t mentioned her once by name on Twitter. When has he ever withheld his ire on social media on any subject or regarding any person?

Oh, and while Trump and his paid liars may say they aren’t worried, rest assured that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not finished with this or any of the other matters he’s investigating.


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