Is Ivanka Trump The Next ‘Big Fish’ To Be Indicted By Robert Mueller?

While we’ve all been on Indictment Watch when it comes to the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, most of the speculation regarding who will be next to see their name on a court document has been focused on Roger Stone, Donald Trump Jr., and Jerome Corsi. But could it be we should actually be considering Ivanka Trump?

Just last month, ProPublica published a groundbreaking report which alleged that Ivanka has been overvaluing the sales numbers and worth of numerous Trump real estate properties over the years:

“In interviews and press conferences, Ivanka Trump gave false sales figures for projects in Mexico’s Baja California; Panama City, Panama; Toronto and New York’s SoHo neighborhood. These statements weren’t just the legendary Trump hype; they misled potential buyers about the viability of the developments.”

Lying about sales is fraud, plain and simple. But that’s just the beginning of the problems Ivanka could be facing as it relates to the Russia probe because much of the money that has kept the Trump Organization running for the past decade or so has reportedly come from Russia, and that would constitute money laundering and even open Ivanka up to being charged under federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statutes.

Here’s the other thing about Ivanka: She’s long been known as her father’s favorite among the Trump siblings. Trump has even admitted that he lusted for her when she was only 13.

Consider this from Mueller’s perspective: Want to watch Donald Trump have a complete meltdown and prove his own potential guilt even faster than you can snap your fingers? Indicting his “little girl” would probably be all it takes for the president to fire everyone at the Department of Justice, which would speed up his removal from office considerably.

If indeed Ivanka is the next person to be indicted, we’re probably much closer to saying goodbye to the Traitor-in-Chief than we’ve ever been before.

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