Jared And Ivanka Enter Panic Mode, Tell Friends They’re ‘In A World Of Sh*t’ (DETAILS)

If you’ve noticed that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are much less in the spotlight recently, that’s deliberate, as both have scaled back their agendas and taken to lowering their profiles in the midst of news of indictments in the Russia investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Now, thanks to a new report from Vanity Fair, we know that the two senior advisers to President Trump are also getting very worried that Mueller may be targeting them, too:

“They also happen to be staring down the barrel of an investigation led by Mueller and several congressional committees into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election and if members of the administration obstructed justice by firing former F.B.I. director James Comey. Kushner met with several Russian officials during the campaign and transition period, though he has denied any collusion. Kushner has also turned over documents to Mueller’s team about his involvement in Comey’s ousting, according to CNN.”

Financially, the Kushners are also facing serious financial challenges. Many of Jared’s real-estate holdings are hemorrhaging money and others are facing legal challenges. He’s finding it nearly impossible to raise money from banks or private investors as most former associates distance themselves from him and his wife, not wanting to get caught in Mueller’s expanding probe of the 2016 election.

Even President Trump has commented that his daughter and son-in-law had it so much easier in New York:

“President Trump himself has repeatedly reminded the couple of what a nice life they had in New York, before they were ‘getting killed’ by the press in D.C., several sources have said. Their old life in New York, of course, no longer exists for them as it did.”

A close friend of Jared and Ivanka told VF the two are terrified of what the future holds:

“They’re in a world of shit. He may seem cool, but he’s sweating, and she’s like her father. She’ll never acknowledge it and [will] blame the media. But she’s been working on her reputation forever, and now it’s going to suffer horrifically. And for what?”

Then again, it’s impossible to feel sorry for them when you consider that they may have sold out their own country to the Russians.

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