Jeb Buys Gun, Posts Photo Online–Social Media Slaps Him Silly For It

Poor Jeb Bush. He tries so damn hard to be cool, but he winds up looking like the awkward, unhip jackass that he is and always will be.

Jeb’s latest stunt to try and curry favor with voters as the Southern primaries loom takes the form of him buying a gun and posting a photo of it on Twitter:

That was all it took for social media to explode with derision and hilarity, both of which were heaped upon Jebbie for his latest attempt to be a part of the Tough Guy Posse. And he deserved every single one of these, and a few more:

But perhaps the best one came from Bette Midler:

Face it, Jeb, you’re a loser. Just give up and go home.

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