John McCain Stuns America And Says This Candidate Has The Best Record On Veterans Issues

When it comes to issues that involve America’s veterans, there are few people who are more respected and influential within the U.S. Congress than John McCain. McCain, who was a POW at the infamous Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War, has spent much of his time in the Senate working on issues related to healthcare, job opportunities, and benefits for those who have served their country.

And now McCain has entered the Democratic race for the White House with comments he recently made regarding Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee with McCain:

“The fact is we were able to come together and pass legislation that was nearly unanimous in both the House and the Senate, so he does have a record of advocacy for our veterans. To my knowledge, I know of no activity, legislative or otherwise, that Hillary Clinton was engaged in during her time as a United States senator.”

McCain made his comments in response to a remark from the former Secretary of State that long delays for vets seeking treatment at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals are not a “widespread” problem. The Arizona Senator did not mince his words, saying of Clinton:

“I would say that if Hillary Clinton really believes the comments that she made, I don’t see how any veteran who cares about their fellow veterans could possibly have any good things, nor could support her quest for being commander-in-chief.

“[The] commander-in-chief not only sends the young men and women into conflicts, but [the] commander-in-chief has an obligation, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated, about our care for the widows and the wounded.”

Clinton, while appearing on “The Rachel Maddow Show” Friday, said that long wait times at VA medical facilities have not been “as widespread as it has been made out to be,” adding that Republicans had pursued an “ideological agenda” to make VA hospitals “fail.”

In response to that claim from Clinton, McCain said Clinton needed to apologize for what she said and also accused her of attempting to “downplay” the serious nature of wait times at VA facilities.

Here’s Senators McCain and Sanders discussing the VA health care bill on the floor of the Senate:

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