Judge Green-Lights Massive Fraud Lawsuit Against Trump Family

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a fraud lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump, his company, and three of his children (Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric) can move forward, according to Bloomberg:

“U.S. District Judge Lorna Schofield in Manhattan ruled Wednesday that the case can go forward with claims of fraud, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practices. The decision likely opens the door for the plaintiffs to start gathering evidence from Trump and his company, including documents and testimony.”

A group of people allege that the Trumps hoodwinked and stole money from thousands of aspiring young entrepreneurs by actively promoting two bogus multilevel marketing ventures and a live seminar that promised to teach them Trump’s “secrets to success” in real estate. They are also seeking damages for a nationwide class of individuals who say they too were taken advantage of by the Trump family and Trump Organization.

Specifically, ShareBlue Media reports, the Trump name was used to hype products that were not legitimate and could not possibly make money:

“The Trumps had partnered with a company called ACN that theoretically sold internet plans and a comically out-of-date videophone, but it was really just a garden-variety pyramid scheme. The lawsuit describes a complicated scheme of ‘downlines’ and ‘upline’ and ‘training events,’ and Trump was happy to hype it.

“According to the complaint, Trump, his children, and the Trump organization got paid millions for that hype, but allegedly neither ACN nor the Trump defendants told the public that part. People who got duped into investing in the MLM scheme did so, they say, because they believed in Trump when he told them it was a spectacular opportunity. Instead, they lost a spectacular amount of money.”

Even though thousands of people lost money, the Trumps made off like bandits, even hosting numerous charitable events at Trump golf courses, greatly enriching the Trump family company.

Donald Trump and his family are nothing but con artists, grifters, and petty thieves. They make money off the desperation of others and then leave their victims holding the bag. It’s about time karma started catching up with this pack of criminals.

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