JUST IN: Another Brutal Assault Of A Black Person Just Happened At Donald Trump Rally

If you ever wondered about the kind of negative effect Donald Trump is having on this country, you need look no further than one of his campaign rallies. Show up at one, dare to protest–or even dare to be black–and you get tossed from the venue, often with great violence.

On Wednesday, a 78-year-old man was captured on cell phone video punching a black man who had shown up at a Trump rally in North Carolina. The assailant, later identified as John McGraw, also commented that if the man he sucker punched–Rakeem Jones–showed his face again, more extreme measures might have to be taken, saying:

‘He deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.’

Now we have yet another incident of unprovoked violence against another black man who went to that Trump gathering in North Carolina. Adedayo Adeniyi, a student at East Carolina University, went to see for himself what a Trump campaign event was like. He said:

‘These are presidential candidate rallies. I’m not at a KKK rally.’

But that didn’t matter on Wednesday. Adeniyi was forcibly led out of the rally and then verbally assaulted as he left by a Trump supporter. It is frighteningly reminiscent of the Jim Crow era in the Deep South and also reminds one of a Nuremberg rally circa 1935.

On the video, Adeniyi is heard telling those who want him removed:

‘Hey that’s not me, that’s them. I don’t even know them!’

Then, as he is led out of the venue, an elderly white man shouts at him:

‘Hey, f*ck you, baby, f*ck you!’

Then the white man slaps Adeniyi, who says in retrospect that the whole matter has left him fearful for the future of his country:

‘The man at the end of the video is a moment I’ll never forget. The hate in his eyes. The words. The hate in those words. The slap. It was disgusting and sad. At that moment I believed that America will stay and continue to be a hateful and bigoted country.’

And it will only get more hateful, more bigoted, more intolerant as long as Donald Trump is on the political scene.

Here’s the cell phone video Adeniyi shot:

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