JUST IN: Donald Trump’s Children Will NOT Be Voting For Him

Perhaps you’ve seen the eldest of Donald Trump’s children from his first marriage–Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka–at the podium with him when he celebrates a primary victory, which hasn’t happened much since their dad decided to say women should be punished for abortion, he might use nuclear weapons in Europe and the Middle East, or since his campaign manager was arrested and charged with battery against a female reporter.

Rest assured, the three Trump siblings are working hard on Dad’s behalf, but as it turns out, two of them, Eric and Ivanka, will not be casting ballots for him when the New York primary is held on April 19. How embarrassing!

You may be asking, Did Papa Trump do something to offend Eric and Ivanka, something that even they could not see clear to forgive him for? It’s nothing so Shakespearian or perfectly awesome as that. Instead, it has to do with the fact that New York has what is known as a “closed” primary, meaning a voter must be registered as a member of the party he or she wishes to cast a ballot for. Eric and Ivana are not registered Republicans in New York state. Come to think of it, neither was their father until he decided to run for the White House for the purpose of publicity and as a platform for his hate speech.

As Yahoo News first reported:

“Donald Trump’s three oldest children have campaigned with their father and served as surrogates during the presidential race. But only one of them is actually a member of the party Trump hopes to lead

“Records from the New York State Board of Elections show that neither Ivanka Trump nor Eric Trump is enrolled in a political party. Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is a Republican.”

As a matter of fact, the strict party requirements in New York may well cause a slew of headaches on primary day, as Think Progress noted:

“When it comes to New York’s fast-approaching presidential primary election…potential voters from both parties would likely be impacted by New York’s strict election rules. People voting for the two non-establishment candidates— Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and billionaire Donald Trump — would bear the brunt of the confusion. That’s because voters for those candidates were more likely to have been previously unaffiliated with a political party, or more likely to have wanted to switch parties to vote for their preferred candidate.”

So, when the primary is all over with and Trump is (perhaps) declared the victor, we can all sit and hope that the bigoted bully loses by the slimmest of margins. Say by two votes. Granted, it probably won’t happen, but can you imagine the looks Eric and Ivanka would get around the table this year at Thanksgiving and Christmas if it did?

Here’s the adoring Trump children talking to Barbara Walters about their father just last year:

This article was originally published by the same author at BipartisanReport.com.

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  1. It’s got to be great and stink at the same time to be an adult child of a Billionaire….You’re life is really never your own as long as you accept the advantages your DNA provide for you……

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