KARMA: Cruz Tour Bus Is Towed In Iowa; Teddy Has To Hitch A Ride

Ted Cruz is now getting a full heaping helping of karma with a capital K as the Iowa caucuses–and a potential second or third-place finish–pepare to inflict even more damage on his struggling campaign.

A month ago, Cruz had a comfortable lead in Iowa as he wooed evangelicals and conservatives across the state with great success. But Donald Trump’s repeated mentions of Teddy Boy not being an American have sent his poll numbers tumbling.

Then, just yesterday, the Cruz tour bus got stuck in the mud, the perfect visual metaphor for his campaign over the past couple of weeks:



Poor old Ted was forced to hitch a ride with campaign aides so he could make it to the next campaign event. The broken-down bus had to be towed. One would assume Cruz had to get that ride from paid staffers because he might have been stuck there for hours waiting for an Iowan to oblige if he’d put his thumb out and begged for transportation. Imagine seeing Ted Cruz in need of a ride. You turn to your wife and say, “Martha, go faster! I don’t want that dillhole in this car!”

Cruz is not popular anywhere, except maybe in his own household, and I have my doubts about that, too. He has been called the most hated man in the U.S. Senate and comes across as a smarmy huckster who wants to take away your basic rights while he picks your pocket and pushes a stiletto into the tender spot of your back.

You can almost sense the desperation in Cruz and his campaign operation. In recent interviews, Cruz looks as if it pains him to smile and answer questions from reporters. Just yesterday he told Chris Wallace on Fox News not to interrupt him. Yep, karma is kicking the crap outta Ted Cruz, and it could not possibly happen to a more deserving jerk.

Here’s Cruz’s wife, Heidi, speaking on his behalf at an event in Iowa on Sunday:

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