Karma Is Awesome! Texas Newspapers Flip Off Cruz–Say To Vote For Anyone Else

Ted Cruz might want to consider moving to another state, because the three largest newspapers in the Lone Star State just encouraged their readers to vote for someone other than homeboy Cruz.

The Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and San Antonio Express-News all refused to give a thumbs-up to the Texas Senator who has lived in the state for years now. Guess it’s not just his Senate colleagues who find Teddy Boy to be an objectionable pile of crap.

Adding insult to injury, the Express-News even said exactly why they chose Bush over Cruz:

“[T]he freshman senator has demonstrated a frightening willingness to push the American economy to the brink of disaster to pursue his ideological agenda — even when he clearly does not have the votes to get his way. The freshman senator’s methodical run for the White House is obviously well-planned, but Cruz’s self-centered approach has thoroughly alienated even his Republican Senate colleagues. And that is obviously a recipe for a weak, unsuccessful administration. He lacks the temperament to be president.”

Ouch! That’s gotta burn. Guess the folks in San Antonio don’t know the Senator’s father has said God has ordained Ted to be the next resident of the White House.

The Chronicle, which also endorsed Bush, wasn’t kind to Cruz, either, writing:

“The dislike the man engenders is so intense it’s hard to find a historical precedent for it. Not only do his political opponents detest him, but also his fellow Republicans. (Obviously, Will Rogers never met Ted Cruz.)

“The senator wears his personal and political isolation as another badge of honor, and yet imagine how ineffectual he would be in the White House. Unable to work even with members of his own party, he would make the icy relations between an obstinate Republican-led Congress and an aloof Democratic president look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison.”

Damn! Now that is about as nasty as you can get.

The Dallas Morning News piled on, saying at the end of their support for Ohio Governor John Kasich exactly why they rejected Cruz:

“That brings us to Cruz. As much as we’d like to see a Texan in the White House, we fear that Cruz’s brand of politics is more about disruption than governing and threatens to take the Republican Party to a dark place. As we’ve written before, continuing obstructionist paths might excite primary voters, but it won’t benefit the nation or the conservative cause.”

So now Ted Cruz is 0-for-3 in his home state. Maybe, like a batter in baseball, he should take a seat on the bench and get used to not playing at all.

h/t New York Magazine

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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