Kellyanne Conway Now Has Her Own Russian Collusion Problem (DETAILS)

Before she became Donald Trump’s campaign manager in the closing months of the 2016 campaign, Kellyanne Conway was a pollster. Even her Twitter handle reflects this: @Kellyannepolls. And based on what we learned Tuesday in a court filing related to the case against another former Trump campaign manager/chairman, Paul Manafort, Conway’s polling credentials have now placed her squarely in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs.

The filing in question was from Manafort’s attorneys, but they clumsily redacted sections of the document that were easily uncovered by simply cutting and pasting the blacked-out sentences which laid out exactly how Manafort shared detailed polling data with a man named Konstantin Kilimnik, who also happens to have deep ties to Russian military intelligence.

David Measer, an advertising and communications expert, went on Twitter to explain the importance of polling data from the Trump campaign and how it might have been shared with Russia so that strategic targeting of key voters could be done on social media sites such as Facebook. Measer writes:

“At the heart of any campaign, big or small, is data. Data about the market, people, the competition. In politics, this is called ‘polling.’ Same thing.”

Measer then explained exactly how the fact that Kellyanne Conway was involved in polling clearly implicates her in the growing Russia conspiracy:

Who would have conducted polls for Trump before she took control of the campaign in August 2016, just three months before the election? Kellyanne Conway, aka @Kellyannepolls. And she could have easily passed those polls along to Manafort so he could give them to Konstantin Kilimnik, the Russian spy. That, as the old saying goes, means it’s game over for Ms. Conway and anyone else in the upper echelons of the 2016 Trump campaign, including Donald Trump himself.

For two years now, Trump has repeatedly parroted the line, “No collusion” when the Russia investigation comes up. But that’s just another lie. And now Mueller can prove the entire Trump campaign was actively conspiring to rig the 2016 election.

Game, set, and match Robert Mueller.

As for Kellyane, the solution (and the karma) is simple: LOCK HER UP!

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