Kellyanne Conway’s Hubby Lays Brilliant Twitter Burn On Deranged Donnie

Though you hardly ever see him in public or photos, senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, is an accomplished attorney who works at the prestigious law firm Wachtell Lipton.

In recent days, there’s been chatter in the Washington press that Ms. Conway is being considered to replace Hope Hicks as Communications Director for the Trump administration. And apparently that, along with a tweet from reporter Kaitlan Collins on how thankless the job is led George Conway to fire off a tweet that is clearly a dig at Donald Trump.

First, let’s take a look at what Collins posted:

In response, George Conway tweeted:

Ouch! Sounds like Mr. Conway isn’t the world’s biggest fan of Donnie Dollhands. And that shouldn’t surprise anyone when you consider that last year it leaked out Trump was considering George Conway to head the Justice Department’s Civil Division. Conway rejected that offer.

Expert trolling like what George Conway did is always likely to draw replies from others in the Twitterverse, and this was no exception:

Here’s a  sample of a couple of his retweets today:


We’re pretty sure he doesn’t have a red MAGA hat at home.

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