Large Numbers Of Latinos Getting Naturalized Specifically To Vote Against Trump

Let’s see, so far we’ve heard these utterances from GOP front-runner Donald Trump when it comes to Hispanics:

  • They are “rapists” and drug dealers
  • He plans to build a 40-foot high wall on the Southern border to keep out all Mexicans
  • He will make the Mexican government pay for this wall

Yet, at times, Trump will say that Mexicans “love” him and that he employs thousands of them in his construction business. Apparently if you’re a Hispanic immigrant and you work for Trump, you’re cool with him, but all others need not apply.

In a particularly beautiful karmic turn, more and more Hispanics are now earning their American citizenship, and they’re doing so for one very special reason: So they can vote against Trump in November, should he be the GOP nominee.

Hortensia Villegas is a legal immigrant from Mexico. She has resided in the United States for almost ten years, but she didn’t feel the need to become a citizen until now. As she explains:

“I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win. He doesn’t like us.”

In 2015 alone, naturalization applications increased by 11 percent over the year before, and they increased 14 percent during the six months ending in January, according to federal statistics. It is estimated that applications could approach 1 million in 2016, which would be 200,000 more than the yearly average.

Think about it: 1 million extra Hispanic voters who can potentially cast a ballot against Donald Trump, not only defeating him in key states – Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, even Texas – but casting a permanent pall of decline over the Republican party in the decades ahead. Hispanics, by the way, also happen to be the fastest growing minority group in the country.

Miguel Garfío was born and raised in Colorado, and he says he resents being called a criminal. He also says it’s time American Latinos recognize what is going on and take action:

“A lot of people are opening their eyes because of all the negative stuff Donald Trump has brought.”

Here’s some sobering news for Trump and the GOP: In a poll of Latino voters  conducted on Feb. 25 by the Washington Post and Univision, 80 percent of American Hispanics had an unfavorable view of Mr. Trump, including 72 percent with a very unfavorable view. The poll also showed that 74 percent of the voters said Mr. Trump’s views on immigration were “offensive.”

Here’s the Donald trying to explain how will make Mexico pay for his wall:


One thought on “Large Numbers Of Latinos Getting Naturalized Specifically To Vote Against Trump

  1. My Wife got Naturalized just so she could vote against Republicans…. It’s a great motivator!!!!!! Republicans suck big time!!!

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