Latest Moves By Robert Mueller Have GOP Insiders Frantic–He’s ‘Going For The Kill’

Members of President Trump’s party are very nervous about the moves Special Counsel Robert Mueller has made in recent weeks, and now some Republicans are saying the end may be near for the president.

Axios reports some GOP insiders are concerned that Mueller’s hiring of attorneys who are well-versed in money laundering and the Mafia means the special counsel is–as Watergate investigators did with Richard Nixon–following the money.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Mueller investigation has entered a new level, according to those who are familiar with the case. This includes news that Mueller has impaneled a federal grand jury in Washington and is now issuing subpoenas. Those subpoenas are directly related to a meeting Donald Trump Jr. had in June of 2016 with an attorney linked to the Russian government who promised to provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

The report from Axios also notes that legal fees for those under investigation as part of the Mueller probe are quickly mounting and may necessitate the creation of legal defense funds before long.

While Trump has repeatedly insisted that he was told by former FBI Director James Comey that he isn’t personally under investigation for colluding with Russia, Axios now says that Mueller is focusing in on charging the president with obstruction of justice, among other possible crimes.

Does this new information mean that Trump might now be tempted to fire the special counsel, as he’s hinted in the pastthat he might if Mueller crossed a “red line” and looked into his finances? Trump associates say that’s highly unlikely and would be akin to “firing the pope.”

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