Latest Ted Cruz Ad Uses Doll To Portray Trump As Man Who ‘Pretends Be A Republican’ (Video)

Ted Cruz is really freaking weird! There, I said it, and I feel a lot better now that I have.

Not only is Cruz strange as hell, with the smile of serial killer (do they have any unsolved murders in Texas? They might wanna go have a chat with Teddy), but he does bizarre things in his quest to win the GOP nomination. For example, his latest TV ad, which is, much like Cruz, unhinged.

In the 45-second spot, young boys are seen playing with a “Trump” doll, and we are told that he likes “bailouts for the banks” and often donates money to Democrats. The ad also includes a Hillary Clinton doll, who gets paid to be Trump’s friend.

Near the end of this piece of political surrealism (think Salvador Dali without the talent), a dollhouse is destroyed by the Trump doll, who declares:

“I’m going to take your house with eminent domain and park my limos there!”

Parents are also shown in this ad, watching as their children play and a narrator ominously intones:

“We wouldn’t tolerate these values in our children. Why would we want them in a president.”

Hey, I dislike Donald Trump immensely, but I also don’t want a psychopathic Texas Senator who thinks God talks directly to him in charge of the United States.

Trump called Cruz a pussy a couple of days ago, but it would have been more accurate if he’d dubbed him a deeply disturbed man who gives everyone the creeps when he walks in a room.

Here’s the Cruz ad, and it’s almost as unsettling as he is:

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