Legal Expert: All Signs Suggest Mueller Will File Charges Against Trump Any Day Now

It’s starting to look like the resistance to Donald Trump will have a real reason to celebrate in the weeks ahead, according to a legal expert who says Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to file criminal charges against Trump in the very near future.

Norm Eisen, who served as Special Counsel for Ethics and Government Reform in the Obama administration, weighed in on the president’s recent comments that it was “unlikely” he would agree to an interview with the Mueller team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election. Eisen recently commented:

“Given the state of the obstruction evidence, if POTUS refuses an interview, Mueller WILL file charges (either criminally or more likely with Congress).”

If indeed Trump does refuse to meet with Mueller, it seems likely that Mueller will then have all the evidence he needs to file charges against Trump in both federal court and Congress, though the likelihood that a GOP-controlled Congress would be eager to pursue impeachment seems minimal. However, the criminal charges could force the hand of Republicans when public outcry begins and gets louder with each day.

Some will say that criminal charges cannot be filed against a sitting president, but many legal experts consider that to be a canard and say such a matter would have to go before the Supreme Court for a ruling. Just the fact that an indictment or indictments might be unsealed in court against Trump would be incredibly damaging to the White House. For months, they and their allies in Congress have been screaming about a “witch hunt.” Once there’s an indictment, the pushback to the Mueller probe becomes more troublesome for Trump and his GOP protectors.

The interview between Mueller and Trump is currently being negotiated by Trump’s attorneys and members of the special counsel’s office. But if indeed the Trump team decides to punt on the meeting, it seems likely that Mueller will either subpoena Trump to appear before a grand jury or indict him outright. Either way, Trump will then be exposed as the criminal he is.

10 thoughts on “Legal Expert: All Signs Suggest Mueller Will File Charges Against Trump Any Day Now

  1. Trump is the worse criminal this country has ever seen. He is a putin pleaser and very much s national security risk for America! Lock him up!

  2. He is very fraudulent, and a professional con artist with a low moral character, who thinks he can lie his way out of anything but this Russia thing just can’t go away ,hit them up Mueller ,no stone shall be left unturned

  3. Lock Trump and his whole family up, he is a crook from the word go— I called the RNC in my state before he was considered a candidate-explaining to them all they had to do was listen to his retoric to know what he was up to. His language and his attitude toward his daughter and women in general was sickening. please bring this demon down before he destroys our democracy! God help us.

  4. I can’t wait to watch him hang for High Treason. He literally turns my stomach. His arrogant family and friends … his racist supporters should be shunned as if they had Ebola

  5. That would be the day that we will all wakeup from this horrible nightmare! Each day seems like hell on earth.

  6. I cannot wait to see justice served. Anyone else would have been tried, convicted, and jailed by now. From the day he made fun of a disabled person he made my skin crawl. I can’t see a single redeeming quality about him or his family or his supporters. Congress and the house republicans are a disgrace and should all be tried for un-American activities. Never in my life has I seem such a shameful administration. Each appointment he makes is worse than the last. It’s as if he is mocking us! Now that he sold us out to Putin, we need to get rid of him before more damage is done. He is illegitimate and a fraud! Please Mueller do it soon!

  7. The rotten GOP enablers will protect this crook, no matter what. Trump’s base is already howling for a Constitutional crisis/civil war. If it goes before the stacked SCOTUS, we already know they will protect their own.

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