Legal Expert: With One Christmas Eve Tweet, Trump Admitted His Guilt

You would think that since Donald Trump was finally able to pass a single piece of legislation in 2017, he’d be in a good, even charitable mood. Instead, he’s acting just as childish and petty as ever.

Starting on Saturday and continuing to Christmas Eve day, Trump has been tweeting up a storm, and a lot of what he’s been posting can only be classified as attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice. Here are the ones from Saturday:

Andrew McCabe is the Deputy Director at the FBI and a close associate of former FBI chief James Comey, so naturally, Trump feels a need to try and demean him. Trump knows the FBI is assisting Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. He also knows that McCabe can corroborate Comey’s testimony regarding the FBI investigation of 2016 and what Trump said to Comey regarding Michael Flynn.

Then, on Christmas Eve, we got this from Trump:

First of all, Fox “News” isn’t news at all. Also, be sure and notice Trump’s use of the word “allegedly.” He and Fox have no proof of their assertions against McCabe, but Trump repeats it (just like — to use his own word — a good puppet). Whenever someone suggests Trump conspired with Russia, he says there’s no proof of guilt, yet he turns around and implies guilt against a member of the FBI without a speck of evidence.

But these most recent Trump tweets may come back to haunt Trump in a very nasty way, according to Richard Painter, who served as the top ethics lawyer for George W. Bush and currently teaches law at the University of Minnesota. Painter reminded Trump:

Each and every time Donald Trump fires off a tweet that mentions the Russia matter or anyone investigating it, he’s digging the hole of his own demise even deeper. So by all means, Donald, tweet at will. You’re speeding up the hour of your removal from office.

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