Looks Like Michael Cohen Can Confirm The Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Tape Exists

The big legal news in the Trump-Russia scandal this week was the plea agreement made by former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who has also agreed to fully cooperate with investigators working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Since Mueller was a key player on Trump’s team in 2016, it’s believed information he has will be essential as Mueller continues to follow the money trail from Russia.

But Friday also brought other news that’s certain to be of special concern to the president.

Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair reported late Friday that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, is also talking to Mueller, and some of the information he can corroborate is among the most salacious yet uncovered in the Russia probe.

Remember the Steele dossier that alleged Trump had numerous financial contacts with Russian oligarchs and organized crime figures? It also contained the allegation that during a visit to Moscow, Trump had two Russian prostitutes urinate on a bed while he watched.

Cohen, it appears, may be able to verify the existence of the so-called “golden shower” or “pee pee” tape, according to Elie Mystal, editor for the “Above the Law” legal blog, who was a guest Saturday on AM Joy. Mystal noted:

“Cohen knows about the pee pee tape. If that’s real, Cohen knows about it.

“That’s actually how Cohen, I generally agree that Cohen is more dangerous to Trump personally, but that’s how Cohen gets wrapped up into the Russia thing.”

Mystal then added:

“Who talked to who about the pee pee tape? That’s kind of where Cohen shows up. If he knows something about that — that’s gross — but it’s like that’s the connection back into Russia.”

And if indeed there is such a tape, Cohen would be one of the few people other than Trump to know. He was Trump’s personal attorney for over a decade, and he also made recordings of conversations he had with Trump over the years.

Also, based on the Vanity Fair report, Cohen is very eager to destroy Trump:

“(Cohen) he has bristled at the feeling that he has taken the fall for a man who has refused to take any responsibility or face any consequence himself. In conversations with Mueller’s team, he is making good on what he told ABC earlier this summer: that his loyalty to Trump is no longer his lodestar.”

Cohen and Manafort are about to drop the hammer on Trump by telling what they know, and that means Trump is about to be toast.

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