Many Iowa Voters Had No Idea Jeb Bush Is Related To George W. Bush, Report Says

Just how ignorant are Republican voters? Well, consider this: According to the Washington Post, a large number of GOP voters who participated in the Iowa caucuses didn’t know whether or not Jeb Bush was related to George W. Bush. Because hey, they only have the same last name and look very similar.

The Post report also notes that the most asked question of Iowa voters in exit polls was: Why is Donald Trump so orange? Excellent question, and some people speculated on the reason, including one who remarked:

“There is widespread opinion that he either uses tanning beds or a full-body spray to get his bright tangerine finish.”

Others suggested that the Donald gets his orange glow from eating carrots. Really? Then how come Bugs Bunny isn’t orange? No doubt Iowa Republicans would then want to know, Who is Bugs Bunny?

Another popular query that showed up frequently: Is Ted Cruz from Canada? That’s an easy one. The answer is yes. Just ask Donald Trump.

For the Democrats, many voters wanted to know if Bernie Sanders is vegetarian.  No, he isn’t. Only Ben Carson has admitted to being a vegetarian.

But I still have to wonder: How do you allow someone to vote who doesn’t even know Jeb and George W. are brothers? And just how stupid have some voters in this country become?

Maybe we can ask the Iowans those questions, too. Then again, we may not want to hear their answers.

One thought on “Many Iowa Voters Had No Idea Jeb Bush Is Related To George W. Bush, Report Says

  1. I believe Iowa voted no electricity on the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 and they’ve been in the dark since. Don’t be surprised that they didn’t know Jeb is related to George W, and his father, George, until they discovered Herbert Hoover is no longer President.

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